About The Artist

ElanaFaceElana Kann is the owner of Branching Out Woodworks. Working in the medium of wood, she has crafted functional and sculptural works for more than 30 years. She discovered her passion for creative artistry as a child, studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. As a young adult, Elana fell in love with the medium of wood. She developed and honed her skills, building cabinets, custom furniture, decks, additions, and new houses. As her craft evolved, Elana became increasingly aware of her calling to work with the wood to reveal its nature three-dimensionally with elegant, warm, evocative shapes. She is equally driven to collaborate and loves bringing to life sculptural expressions of personal vision and institutional purpose. She finds great reward in the sculptural rendering of others’ creative ideas and ideals.

Elana describes her experience of working with wood as having her head full of endless variations of shapes that her hands turn into tangible form as sculptural works of art. The shapes may undulate like water or jut out roughly into a space or send tendrils curling along a wall. A visual language for each sculpture emerges from the combination of the shapes in her mind, a client’s themes and esthetic tastes, and the individual pieces of wood that become part of the sculpture. Each sculpture is a 3-D puzzle, uniting Elana’s artistry and her clients’ ideas in a metaphorical inquiry, which finds its full expression in each unique sculpture. Elana is delighted to share her love affair with wood in a way that boosts morale, lifts spirits, and illuminates universal ideals.

Elana’s work has been shown in galleries and shows in Wisconsin, Oregon, and North Carolina, and has been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine. From 1994 to 1998 she left the studio to pursue another passion, leading the design and construction of a 24-townhouse eco-community on four acres–essentially creating a very large, practical sculpture of an entirely different kind! Today Elana concentrates primarily on creating mosaic wood wall sculptures that illuminate her clients’ unique personal and corporate themes.