Hand made to fit comfortingly in the hand.

Give to loved ones as gifts.

Order one for $19.50.

Or for a discount and more choices, order three for $56.25.

Or for a bigger discount and yet more choices, order 7 for $126

What’s an amulet? The word comes from the Latin amuletum, meaning “an object that protects a person from trouble.” Infuse your amulet with your personal meaning, as a reminder each time you hold it of something or someone vitally important to you.

An amulet is a small, economy-sized art form that you and your friends can hold in your hands, getting back in touch (literally) with the basic ancient medium of wood. Some owners keep them in their pockets, or on the dresser, while others attach them to chain necklaces.

Each amulet is uniquely sculptured, made of a rare wood or a special wood specimen. If you’re in the Asheville, NC area you are welcome to contact Elana and choose your own. Otherwise, she will choose for you.

We could all stand to hold wood in our hands. We used to all the time, and now it’s rare to touch wood in our day-to-day living. Holding my amulet grounds me, nurtures me, puts me in touch with the earth.

The little amulets arrived and they are really lovely. The woods are beautiful and you have made them so smooth and into pleasing shapes.

They have arrived and they’re wonderful–I love them! I can’t wait to give them to people for gifts. They all feel so good in my hand. I am particularly taken with Black Palm Wood. I was so glad to see you wrote the type of wood on the back of the little card; that would have driven people crazy with curiosity to know what kind of wood their amulet was. I am so impressed with your eye for detail.

I keep one by my work area to admire and periodically “fondle.” [He describes all the people he gave the others to…] Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share your splendid work.