Purpose-full Art

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Consider becoming a Patron of Art in Service to Non-Profits. This program boosts the work of impactful non-profit organizations and inspires their constituents with wood wall sculptures that powerfully embody their missions. Call Elana at 828-252-5749 or e-mail her.

“Having your destination clearly in mind affects every decision along the way.”–from Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (quoted with permission from the FranklinCovey Co.)

Imagine a tangible artistic rendering of that destination: a guide, a powerful reminder that you see and touch every day. Imagine purposeful art that inspires your friends and family or colleagues, partners, customers, and employees.

Elana creates original inspirational mosaic wood wall sculptures for private and institutional collections, artistically representing the full spectrum of individual visions, images of institutional values, and renderings of corporate mission and purpose. She works with clients directly, and also collaborates with architects, interior designers, and builders.