Germination Series

Growing as a person and as an artist (it just never stops, does it?), I began to explore the theme of germination, using mostly maple wood to develop organic shapes of seed pods, sprouting, and growing. This series is not yet complete! I got as far as Seeds and a few versions of Sprouting, when I received a commission for a full-blown, mature tree growing up the wall of a home – ”Growing.” Then I received another commission for a smaller mature tree, “This Family Tree.” Would you like to fill in any of the gaps in this series? If you are moved to commission a sculpture of seeds sprouting, or a shoot, tendril, sprig, seedling or sapling, please contact me right away.


2′ 8″ w x 2′ 8″ h

Sprouting 1

3′ w x 4′ h

Sprouting 5

1′ 6″ w x 2′ 3″ h


3′ 7″ w x 6′ 10″ h

This Family Tree

2′ 6″ w x 2′ 6″ h