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2′ 11″ w x 2′ 8″ h

This creative client wanted to hide from view the flat-screen TV above her living room fireplace except when using it. I designed and commissioned a cabinet from a cabinet-maker to cover the TV screen, mounted it, then created a mosaic sculpture over the cabinet doors. The idea was to subtly suggest people holding each other, with rounded shapes held by thinner sinewy shapes that wind around them, all with soft curves. It represents the love in this family and hopefully moves it out into the world as well, as people visit this lovely home. The bottom wood pieces had to be strong enough to serve as handles to open and close the doors. Where the two doors meet, the mosaic pieces were to cross over the space between them to further disguise the cabinet doors when closed. I call this my “deception project” because the sculpture camouflages the cabinet which in turn hides the TV.

The sculpture is handsome and interesting as well as strong. One would never know that there is a television hiding behind it. It is a lovely guest in my home. Friends and other visitors admire it. Buying a custom-made sculpture was quite an indulgence for me. It was certainly worth it. I find it beautifully rich, comforting, and warm.