For Homes


6′ w x 2′ h

For a house on top of a sand dune in northern Indiana, surrounded by trees and sand dune-y shapes, the challenge was to integrate the natural forms with the “man-made” flat surfaces and straight lines of the house itself. This sculpture for many years lived on the outside of the house, protected to some extent by its eaves, yet it was difficult for the owners to maintain outdoors. When they moved to NC they brought the sculpture with them and mounted it outside again. After awhile it became clear that the moisture, sun, and temperature swings were degrading it, and squirrels liked to perch on top and chew the corner; the sculpture was returning to nature (dust unto dust). Neighbors rescued it, spray painted it with a black exterior paint, and mounted it on a fence. The squirrels went at it again on that upper right corner, chewing right through the paint. And then it fell because the plywood started to rot…

I no longer make sculptures for exterior installation. Indoors, my sculptures need no maintenance at all if they are kept away from direct sunlight, temperature extremes, and sharp objects.

In its original spot, the clients greatly appreciated it:
The piece fits in with the dunes. It greets people as they make their way up the 43 steps to the house and helps make them feel welcome.