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4′ w x 2′ 6″ h

The goal for this sculpture was to use broad strokes to tie together the various elements of the finished attic space, playing with the flat angular surfaces of the room yet softening them with some rounded shapes. The clients wanted mostly light and medium shade woods, with a few dark pieces for contrast and definition, and they wanted an upward sweep at the upper right corner to carry the eye up into the roof line.

Here’s what they say:

Elana’s wood mosaic is the first piece of art we purchased for our house. It’s made us appreciate the joy and serenity good art can generate. It is so perfect that it feels like our attic was designed around the sculpture; it harmonizes with everything around its space. It enhances the look of the fireplace below, the adjacent painting, and the view of the trees in the park.

Children delight in its complexity; some see it as an animal, others as a shoe, and all as an intriguing object to examine.